Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panels

Posted by Waaree Energies on 16th Feb 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panels

Waaree Solar Panel Price in India, 2022

Setting up a solar power plant is an arduous task that requires careful planning and execution. So, when you plan to set up a solar power plant, you need the best in the business to do it for you. That's where Waaree comes in. Waaree is India's largest solar panel manufacturer, with over 388 franchises across the country and the best solar panel price. We also have a great presence in the B2B segment.

Whether you are looking for solar modules, inverters, lithium batteries, EPC projects, or rooftop projects, we can help you out. We also have a great team of experts who can help you with the planning and execution of your project. So, if you are looking for the best in the business, then look no further than Waaree. Read the article to know more about the purchase and installation of solar panels and their price in India offered by Waaree.

Manufacturing Process

While we are all well aware of solar panels, their usage, and their benefits, only a few of us know how exactly solar panels are made. The solar panels are made by connecting solar cells with the use of metal connectors so that the cells can be firmly linked to each other. The cells are integrated into a matrix-like structure to build a solar panel.

Other elements utilized in the making of a solar panel include photovoltaic cells, polysilicon or silicon, EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) encapsulation, glass, and a metal frame. The metal frame of a solar panel protects the panel, in which the connected cells are placed, and then the glass is assembled over it.

To get a detailed idea of how solar panels are manufactured, let's have a virtual tour of Waaree's state-of-the-art Manufacturing Plant in Gujarat.

Range of Products Offered By Waaree

Along with solar panels, a wide range of solar products are available with Waaree. Mentioned below are some of the most famous products at Waaree.

  • Solar Panels: Waaree offers a variety of solar panels whose power can meet the demands of customers based on their requirements. They come in ranges such as 445W, 450W, and 540W, in Mono (Monocrystalline), Poly (Polycrystalline), Bifacial, and flexible variants.
  • Solar Inverter: Waaree offers a wide range of on-grid and off-grid inverters, ranging between 4kW and 250KW. The smallest solar inverter is a single-phase inverter, while the biggest is a three-phase and can be used based on the amount of electricity required.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery: These packs of Lithium-Ion batteries come in various configurations. These packs offer multiple price ranges and storage options, ranging from up to 3840 Wh.
  • E-Cycles: Waaree also provides its customers with E-cycles in two variations: E-Cycle TANGO and E-Cycle MASTI. These auto-gear cycles are a sustainable and eco-friendly option for the next generation.
  • Special Combo: An exclusive combo of a (10) 445W Monocrystalline Solar Panel and a 4KW single phase inverter is also available at Waaree at a pretty effective price.

Waaree Solar Panel Price List

Given below is the solar plate price list offered by Waaree.

WAAREE 445W 144 Cells Mono PERC Solar Module


WAAREE 445W 144 Cells Mono PERC Bificial Solar Module

₹. 15,619.50

WAAREE 450W 144 Cells Mono PERC Solar Module

₹. 15,799.00

WAAREE 450W 144 Cells Mono PERC Bificial Solar Module

₹. 15,799.00

WAAREE 540W 144 Cells Mono PERC Solar Module

₹. 18,899.00

WAAREE 540W 144 Cells Framed Dual Glass Mono PERC Bifacial Module

₹. 18,999.00

WAAREE 540W 144 Cells Framed Glass Transparent Backsheet Mono PERC Bifacial Module

₹. 19,099.00


Every key player in the solar equipment industry must possess certain certificates to prove to the customers that they are worth their trust. Waaree possesses the following certificates that prove its reliability:

  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS): This mandatory certificate for any electronic product has been acquired by Waaree and all its products. It ensures that the product is assured the maximum level of safety, quality, and performance.
  • Certificate of Registration (CE): This certificate is also granted to the products of Waaree. It certifies that it fulfills all the parameters necessary to sell the products even in the International Market.
  • DCR Cell: The Domestic Content Requirement is another certificate of high significance for government tenders, including rooftop solar subsidies.

Solar Installation

Solar Installation


Waaree: 330W, 36V Mono Crystal Solar Panel Installed in Gorakhpur. Budget-friendly installation with JCSSUPER MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

Mono Crystal Solar Panel Installed in Gorakhpur


1kW On-Grid Solar Power installed in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

On-Grid Solar Power installed in Bhubaneshwar


Waaree Energies installed the 49.5 MW ground-mounted solar project in Vietnam.

How to Buy Solar Panels?

With Waaree, purchasing solar equipment is as easy as ever! You can purchase the product of your choice and requirements through the website, and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. Apart from that, there are more than 388 franchises of WAAREE STORE spread across various locations in India that help in the provision of solar equipment and its installation and regular maintenance. So what are you waiting for? Any equipment for any use, we provide that to you. Get yours today!


Q1. What is the price per Wp of solar panels in India?

Answer: In India, the price range of solar panels ranges from Rs 30 per Wp in the case of 300 Wp and Rs 53 per Wp in the case of 100 Wp for panels with about 15% efficiency.

Q2. How can I install solar panels for my home?

Answer: You can easily order the solar panel adequate for your home based on the size and usage on the Waaree website, and the solar panel will be delivered to you. You can get the installation done by the experts of Waaree from multiple outlets. Check the nearest outlet today.

Q3. What is the average solar panel price in India?

Answer: On average, a solar panel can cost up to about ₹. 40,000 for household purposes.

Q4. How can I buy the best solar panel for my home?

Answer: With the help of Waaree experts, you can decide the best size and capacity of the solar panels required for your home.

You can buy a solar panel either online from our E-Commerce Website or at your nearest Waaree Store based on your preference.