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A solar pump is a device that uses energy from solar panels to pump water. It typically consists of a solar-powered motor and a pump that delivers water from a source to a destination.

Solar pumps offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for remote or off-grid locations, reducing electricity costs and reliance on fossil fuels.

Solar pumps come in various types, including submersible, surface, and centrifugal pumps. Selection depends on factors like water source, flow rate, and head.

Yes, solar pumps are suitable for agricultural irrigation, livestock, and residential water supply, providing a versatile water pumping solution.

A typical solar pump system includes solar panels, a pump controller, a water pump, and the necessary cables and mounting hardware.

Solar pump systems have minimal maintenance needs, such as cleaning the solar panels and periodic inspection of the pump.

Solar pump systems can be integrated with water storage tanks or reservoirs to ensure a consistent water supply, but they are typically sold separately.

The lift capacity depends on the specific pump model and system design.

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