WAAREE 25kW Three Phase Solar On Grid Inverter

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Warranty: 5 YEARS*
MRP: ₹161,388.64
(You save ₹50,210.72 )
40.00 KGS
48.00 (cm)
20.00 (cm)
59.00 (cm)
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1 unit
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Commercial Use

Product Overview

  • Introducing the Waaree 25kW Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter

    It's designed for large spaces, offers unbeatable reliability, and comes with excellent customer support.

    Key Benefits:

    1. High Energy Efficiency: This inverter maximizes solar panel performance, generating ample electricity, ideal for larger spaces.
    2. Seamless Integration: Easy setup for quick installation, making it perfect for homes and businesses.
    3. Dependable Performance: Reliable power supply, even in adverse weather conditions.
    4. User-Friendly: Intuitive controls for effortless system monitoring.
    5. Super Large LCD: Get a crystal-clear view of your solar system's status and performance. This large LCD screen makes managing your solar power effortless.
    6. Rugged Build: Built to withstand tough environmental conditions, ensuring durability.
    7. DC Switch: Enhance safety and control with the built-in DC switch, giving you peace of mind.
    8. Smart Grid Connectivity: Efficiently interacts with the utility grid and allows participation in incentive programs.
    9. Remote Monitoring: Keep an eye on your solar system with remote monitoring. See real-time data and fix any issues fast for top performance.
    10. Cost-Efficient and Eco-Friendly: Significant savings on electricity bills over time, contributing to a greener planet.
    11. Energy Independence: When the regular power goes out, you'll still have electricity from your solar panels, providing peace of mind during outages.
    12. Three-Phase Excellence: Designed for three-phase electrical systems, this inverter ensures a balanced distribution of power across your property. It's ideal for larger homes, commercial spaces, and industries, providing a robust and consistent energy supply.


    • Residential: Ideal for powering homes of all sizes, providing clean energy and reducing electricity costs.
    • Commercial: Perfect for businesses seeking energy efficiency and sustainability while cutting operational costs.
    • Industrial: Reliable power for industrial applications, ensuring continuous production.

    Added Benefits:

    • Customer Service Portal: Access a dedicated support portal for assistance and information.
    • Dedicated Service Team: Expert team available to ensure your inverter operates at its best.
    • Remote Service Support: Get prompt remote assistance for troubleshooting and maintenance.

    Upgrade your solar system with the Waaree 25kW Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter and enjoy efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly electricity. Experience a brighter, worry-free future with top notch support, including remote service assistance, while saving money and contributing to sustainability.

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