Why is high-quality workmanship important, when installing solar?

Posted by Waaree Energies on 5th Jul 2022

Why is high-quality workmanship important, when installing solar?

Solar Panel Installation requires high levels of precision, with a considerable investment of time and money. Once installed, the panels have a life of about 25 years. So, you do not want your panels to create problems for you throughout the period.

With around 9.8% of the total energy in India being produced by solar panels, having a panel installed has become a necessary practice in every household. It is highly risky to assign this role to a person with no or little prior experience. You need technicians who have legitimate experience in dealing with solar panels and other equipment to carry out the installation process efficiently and guide you about the usage and maintenance of the solar panels.

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Why Does Local Quality Matter?

Almost every solar panel available in the market is the same. Although they come in varying configurations, their work is similar in every aspect. The installation has a great effect on how long and how efficiently the solar panel will work.

If the setup of panels is not proper, it can cause problems for you in the long term. For instance, if there are wires that have not been properly taken care of during installation, they can cause trouble in the future for you. Or the panels have not been properly fixed and are disturbed by the wind or rain. The amount of energy produced and then supplied for use also depends upon the proper installation of the solar panels.

Therefore, one needs to ensure proper installation of their solar panels. The two most important factors that enable your solar panels to be installed and perform efficiently are the quality of the equipment used and the workmanship. It is also to be noted that even if a technician uses high-quality materials, they won't give the best results if the technicians lack the know-how about the materials.

Thus, we can say that efficient workmanship is undoubtedly an essential part of the installation process. You can be rest assured that your panels are in good hands with high-quality workmanship. You can be stress-free about the performance of your panels, on which you have spent a lot of money, and believe that they will work to their fullest.

You can check about the customers' previous experiences with the installation company or the individuals conducting the installation to be assured of their precision and good work. After completely putting your faith in a deserving company, you can take full advantage of your solar panels.

What Impacts Installation Quality?

Several factors determine if the quality of your solar panel installation is good or not. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The Quality Of Materials Used In The Solar Installation Process..

Usage of good quality materials ensures proper working and setup of the panels for a long time, while using poor quality materials can cause a lot of problems at present as well as in the future.

  • The Time Taken In The Process.

If the installation process is carried out with proper precision, it will take more time, though the quality of the installation will be quite good.

  • The Neatness Of The Installation

A good installation ensures the neatness of the panels and the things surrounding them, such as wires, etc. If there are unaddressed or tangled wires, your installation won’t be that good.

  • The Company That You Choose For Installation.

You should observe their years of experience, testimonies, certifications, etc., to see if they are fit for doing installation or not.

  • The Price Of The Installation

If the installation is cheap, it is more likely to be ineffective. However, a costly installation means a better degree of work and precision.

  • The Experience Of The Technicians

If the technicians have been dealing with the installation for quite a long time, it certainly means that they are aware of the best practices and techniques to install the panels. Technicians with less experience, however, won't be able to give you such good results.

High-quality workmanship installing solar


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How Can a Higher Solar Quote Save You Money Over the Long Run?

As of today, about 55 GW of solar capacity is installed in India. We are all aware of the benefits that solar power provides over conventional sources of electricity, including the benefits to our finances. Although the installation charges might appear to be a bit expensive at first, note that more money results in better installation materials and high-quality and trustworthy service. A cheap and quick installation service might appear to be tempting and pleasing in the short run, but might cause you a lot of problems in the long run.

Other key points to note:

  • One must check the company's certifications to conduct the solar installation.
  • One should show great interest in the solar installation process to gain knowledge regarding the panels for the foreseeable future, their benefits, and ensure their correct fitting.
  • One should understand in detail the usage and the troubleshooting of all the minor issues that can occur in the future.

What To Look For in a Company That Offers Solar Panel Services?

While searching for the best company for solar installations, one should look for a renowned company that has gained the trust of a wide range of customers by providing service and products of exceptional quality. The number of franchises spread across India of any company showcases its accessibility and thus is a great deciding factor. One can also visit online shop that has made shopping for solar panels and other solar products easier for people.

The availability of important certifications such as BIS, CE, DCR, etc., is also necessary to ensure the reliability of any company. The team of experts plays a great role in ensuring maximum satisfaction to the customers, and you should look for a company that is available for the help and support of the customer every time of the year. Installing a solar panel is a big step towards being eco-friendly, and you need a firm to walk hand-in-hand with you through your journey of sustainability.

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