Rooftop Solar Power Systems: Generate Your Own Electricity and Save

Posted by Waaree Energies on 19th Dec 2023

Rooftop Solar Power Systems: Generate Your Own Electricity and Save

With rising electricity costs and growing environmental concerns, installing a rooftop solar system has become an attractive proposition for many homeowners and businesses in India. Rooftop solar not only provides clean, renewable power but also allows you to take control of your electricity bills.

As rooftop photovoltaic (PV) technology continues to improve and solar panel prices decline, solar systems are more accessible with quicker payback periods. Read on to understand what rooftop solar involves and how you can benefit from this green energy solution.

What is Rooftop Solar?

Rooftop solar, also known as rooftop PV or grid-connected photovoltaic power systems, refers to solar panels mounted on building rooftops to convert sunlight into electricity. The solar PV panels generate DC power, which is fed to a solar inverter to convert into AC power for consumption.

The AC electricity from the solar panels ties into the building's main electrical system to power your home or office appliances. Any excess solar energy produced is exported back to the electricity grid. This enables rooftop solar users to earn credits on the surplus energy they provide the grid.

Rooftop solar systems are usually Net Metering compliant. Net Metering is a billing mechanism facilitated by state electricity boards that allows rooftop solar users to receive retail prices for the excess energy they export to the grid. The key benefit is that it offsets your imported units from the grid at the same price. Over the system's lifetime of 25+ years, rooftop solar offsets 50-90% of your electricity needs, leading to substantial savings on monthly power bills.

Benefits of Switching to Rooftop Solar

Installing a properly designed rooftop solar system offers the following advantages:

Lower Electricity Bills

Rooftop solar lowers your reliance on external power supplies by letting you self-generate a major chunk of your electricity needs. By tapping into the clean, free fuel from the sun, users typically save ₹35,000 to ₹60,000 annually on grid power consumption.

Protect Against Rising Power Rates

Electricity prices supplied by distribution companies keep increasing every year. Rooftop solar locks in a consistent supply of solar energy for your current and future power needs, hedging you against escalating utility rates for over 25 years.

Earn Revenue via Net Metering

The excess solar energy fed back into the grid earns users financial credits via Net Metering to offset future electricity consumption. You essentially get paid by the electricity company for the surplus power generated.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Generating your own solar energy also makes environmental sense. Using renewable energy instead of fossil fuel-generated power considerably cuts down your carbon footprint. This allows you to lead a greener lifestyle.

Enhance Property Value

Installing solar demonstrates your commitment to using green technology. It signals high environmental awareness, which can potentially boost your property's resale or rental value. Prospective home buyers see lower utility bills as an attractive benefit.

How Rooftop Solar Power Systems Work?

The complete rooftop solar system primarily consists of:

Solar PV Panels

Made of solar cells encased in protective material, these panels come in different technologies (polycrystalline, monocrystalline) and efficiencies. When sunlight photons strike the cells, electrons are knocked loose to generate DC electricity.


It converts the DC power from the panels into usable AC power to run lights, appliances, etc. While selecting solar inverters, efficiency and warranty terms are key criteria.

Mounting Structures

To mount the panels on angled racks and frames anchored to the rooftop or terrace. Enables orientation at the optimum angle.

Cables and Wiring

For interconnecting solar panels and routing the DC power output to the inverters.

Net Meter

Net meter records both the units you import from the grid and any excess solar units you export back. Your solar savings depend on this net difference over billing cycles. The entire rooftop solar power system is automated to generate power whenever sunlight is available throughout the day. Waaree's experienced team takes care of the entire project, from the initial survey and feasibility study to system design, equipment selection, and complete installation.

What Factors Impact Rooftop Solar Performance?

The amount of electricity generated by your rooftop solar system and consequent savings depend on:

  • Location and average solar insolation levels
  • Rooftop area available for panel installation
  • Orientation and tilt angles of solar arrays
  • Efficiency of solar panels and inverters
  • Net metering policies and grid tariffs in your state
  • Shadow cover on panels during parts of the day
  • O&M upkeep to ensure peak equipment performance
  • By considering these factors, Waaree expertly designs each rooftop solar power plant for optimal productivity throughout its working life.

    Is Rooftop Solar a Sound Investment?

    While rooftop solar requires a sizeable initial expenditure, the cost savings realised over 25+ years make it highly financially viable. With accelerating solar adoption, panel and storage costs are declining, improved efficiency levels are coupled with income opportunities via net metering, – and rooftop solar offers faster payback.

    Government solar subsidies and incentives like capital subsidies, tax rebates, etc. also enhance the return on investment for residential and business users alike. Eco-conscious organisations focused on sustainability are increasingly deploying solar to meet their green energy targets.

    With the right provider, rooftop solar delivers decisive benefits that make it a sound investment in the long run to power your lifestyle in an eco-friendly manner.


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