Are Solar Batteries Worth the Cost?

Posted by Waaree Energies on 7th Jul 2022

Are Solar Batteries Worth the Cost?

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If you've recently been considering installing a solar panel system, you may have come across "solar batteries." Even though battery systems are becoming more common, many homeowners are still unfamiliar with them. Users who know about their benefits will prefer solar batteries as an option for purchase instead of regular batteries.

Solar batteries allow you to store the energy produced by your solar panels for later use. Combining solar panels with solar batteries to form a "hybrid solar system" has various benefits, including access to reliable backup power and reducing your dependence on your utility.

But how do solar batteries function? And most importantly, what is their average price range? Continue reading to learn more.

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

Solar batteries store the excess solar energy generated by the solar panels that you don't use currently, thus allowing you to use it later.

Solar panels produce the greatest amount of electricity in the afternoon, which also happens when your home consumes the least electricity. The excess amount of solar energy generated is transmitted back to the utility grid with a traditional grid-tied solar system.

However, when solar panels are combined with solar batteries for home use, the extra electricity is stored in the battery rather than being sent to the grid. When the sun sets and your panels stop producing electricity due to the absence of sunlight, you can draw on the energy already stored in your battery instead of paying for electricity from the utility.

In 2022, How Much Will Solar Batteries Cost?

Depending on its composition and capacity, a solar battery can cost anywhere from ₹. 3,000 to ₹. 20000 to install.

The majority of grid-tied solar panels are connected with lithium-ion batteries, which range in price from Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000. Small-capacity lead-acid batteries can be purchased for a little less, but they won't be able to power much in your home and are more commonly used as emergency backup power for RVs.

Solar batteries have become less expensive in recent years, but they are still expensive, and most people don't have that kind of money laying around. Fortunately, solar batteries qualify for the solar tax credit, and some jurisdictions offer additional solar battery incentives to assist in reducing initial battery costs.

Factors Influencing The Solar Battery Cost

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The following factors determine the solar battery cost:

  • Solar Battery Manufacturer

The battery's price is influenced by the brand you choose, just like anything else you buy. This is because different brands provide different services and employ different manufacturing methods. Waaree is currently the best Lithium Ion Battery manufacturer.

  • The Chemistry of the Battery

Although there are many other types of batteries on the market, lithium-ion batteries are used in most home systems. Nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) and lithium iron phosphate (LIP) are the two main lithium-ion chemistries utilised in solar batteries (LFP) because NMC batteries are slightly less expensive than LFP batteries. While some households prefer lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries because they are less expensive, lead-acid batteries have a shorter lifespan, smaller capacity, and require more frequent maintenance.

  • The number of batteries in use

This may seem self-evident, but the more batteries put in, the more expensive the solar energy storage system becomes. The number of solar batteries you'll need is determined by the following factors:

  • How many kilowatt-hours do you consume?
  • The battery's storage capacity
  • How many appliances do you intend to run?
  • For how long do you prefer to keep your appliances running?

In most circumstances, one to two solar batteries will store enough energy to fulfill your energy needs and give backup power to a few important circuits in the event of a power loss.

  • Load Backup Panel

Solar batteries won't be able to power everything in your house in most circumstances. Like your lights and refrigerator, the vital stuff will continue to work. Still, you'll need to add many batteries to have enough energy to operate something like your air conditioner during an outage or if you're off the grid. Because a battery can't power your entire house, you may need to install a subpanel to ensure that the battery powers only the most critical components of your home during a power outage.

  • Labour expenses

The cost of a home solar battery installation is also affected by the amount of labour necessary to build your battery system.

Because all of the electrical work and permitting related to both the solar system and the battery system will be accomplished at the same time, labor costs may be slightly lower if the battery is installed at the same time as the solar panels.

If the battery is added to the solar panel system after it has been installed, labor may be more expensive since new permits will be necessary, more incentive forms may be required, and some more electrical work may be required to connect the battery to the existing solar panels.

  • Rebates and incentives

The price of installing a solar battery varies depending on the solar battery incentives available in your location. If you qualify for the solar tax credit, you can save an additional amount on your battery installation if the battery is charged using solar energy.

Is The Increased Cost Of Solar Batteries Justified?

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Although solar panels and energy storage are becoming increasingly prevalent, they are not the best option for everyone.

Homeowners who reside in locations with frequent power outages, where full-retail net metering isn't accessible, or where battery incentives are available, will profit the most from using a solar battery storage solution. If you're considering solar for environmental concerns, solar batteries are a terrific way to maximise your home's amount of renewable energy.

Sustainable energy management has become more prevalent than ever before. Increasing energy demand has led to the emergence of green energy as a key player in the energy sector. We can assist you with all of your solar energy-related needs, whether you are looking for Lithium ion batteries, solar chargers, solar PV modules, inverters, solar water pumps, and a range of other solar products. Contact us at WAAREE STORE for further details.