10kW solar system for home: Is it a Good Fit?

Posted by Waaree Energies on 7th Jul 2022

10kW solar system for home: Is it a Good Fit?

In a country like India, where regular families make up large households, a 10 kW solar system would fit right in, given our climate throughout the year. Although people outside of India might consider this wattage for small businesses or medical purposes, we need about as much power to keep up our daily usage.

As soon as we say solar power, the first thing that comes to our mind is the expense that it might bring along and if the expense would be worth the whole hassle. We’ll try and sort out any general doubts surrounding a 10 kW solar system in India. But before that, you might want to know about the types of 10kW solar systems that exist in the market already to help you choose the best system for your house!

10kW solar system for home


Types of 10kW solar systems

  1. On-grid Solar System
  2. Off-grid Solar System
  3. Hybrid Solar System
  • 10kW on-grid solar system

On-grid is the most cost-efficient type of solar system that will generate DC electricity by absorbing sun rays, which are then converted into AC energy to be used directly in the house. It comes with solar panels and a solar inverter. This can upload the excess energy into the grid for which you’ll later be billed by your provider. It is also the most cost-efficient, at Rs. 43.74 per watt. Installing this would let you avail up to a 40% direct government subsidy.

  • 10 kW off-grid solar system

This is a 10kW solar system with battery backup that comes with the whole setup (solar panels, solar battery, solar inverter). Since it provides battery backup, it is ideal for lighting up homes even in far-off places. A 10 kW off-grid solar system stores excess energy in the battery and draws it out during the night when there’s no sunlight to keep appliances running. It starts at around Rs. 64.10 per watt. You’ll need about 10 solar batteries to store energy provided by the 10 kW solar system.

  • 10kW hybrid solar system.

This type of solar system is the best of both worlds as it does both on-grid and off-grid generation of power. This comes with a subsidy in India, so it will prove worth the money invested in it. Since its efficiency is higher, so will the price. It starts at Rs. 70.52 per watt.

The average cost of a 10kW solar system

Although solar systems are considered to be very expensive, it is not yet widely known to people that the price keeps on going down as you choose higher capacity. The average 10kw solar system coststarts at around Rs.40.68 per watt and goes up to Rs.70.91 depending on the type of system one might choose.

If you already have an existing inverter in your house and a conversion kit is what you want to opt for, then this starts at Rs. 27.50 per watt. So even the most expensive option out of these shouldn’t cost you more than Rs. 8,00,000.

How much power does a 10 kW system produce?

One of the most common questions among people is just how much power does a 10 kW solar system produce? Since a 10 kW solar system is designed to power small-scale industries on its own without depending on other sources, it can produce 50 kWh with 5 hours of sunlight and store about 10,000 watts of electricity. Per day, a 10kW solar system generates 40 to 55kWh energy on average.

Can a 10 kW solar system power a home?

A 10 kW solar system produces surplus energy that can power a large household quite comfortably. Since they come with batteries to store electricity, they are very efficient for household use.

How much can you save on your electric bill with a 10 kW solar power system?

Given that your electricity usage is around 40 units a month and you get an electricity bill of around 10,000 every month, a 10kW solar system will be able to save you at least 10,000 a month. It could be more, depending on the electricity.

How long does it take for a 10kW solar system to pay for itself?

Although it depends on a lot of factors, if you count on the amount of savings and income it generates in the case of on-grid and hybrid solar systems, it would be under 10 years. With a government subsidy of about 40%, a 10kW solar system provides a return on investment in 5.5 years.

The number of solar panels that make up a 10kW solar system

A minimum of 30 solar panels are required to make up a 10 kW solar system. Some brands make modules with more panels as well, but to keep the design compact, we’ll keep it as small as we can.

Roof space that is needed for a 10kW solar system setup

A 10kW solar system will take up 1000 sq ft of space that will be completely shade-free and directly in the sunlight. It might seem like a lot of space, but it is of the utmost importance that it be shade-free for complete efficiency.

Can you install your own 10kW solar system?

Although not impossible, it is advised that you let professionals take care of the installation as any mistake might result in faulty equipment, leading to inefficient workability. In the case of solar conversion kits, they are completely convenient for self-installation.

Finding the right installer for a 10kW solar system

The additional installation fees and costs that come with a 10kW solar system are not to be taken lightly as they make a big difference. Compare the services of solar service providers and manufacturers and choose one who provides the best installation services at an affordable price.

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